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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 15:37

Its every businesses business to look at their carbon footprint.

2015 saw us revise the product design of our origin certificate to remove the plastic cover component.
This product is now fully recyclable, should it need to be.
This is a move that is a bit outside of the industry paradigm of plastic sleeves over certs, but one that we think is warranted and valuable.

Our printer for the last 10 years WORLDWIDE printing is at the leading edge of sustainable developments in the printing industry, and if you wish to more read about their commitment, and credentials you can find that here:

Online Brochure

Not only that our printer is noCO2 certified!!

this is a small impact for a small business, but we are trying wherever possible in our product and merchandise design to reduce our call for plastics.
More news on our other re-designs coming up

origin certificate

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