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Australian Diamonds

Argyle Diamond mine discovery

Australia’s unique diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond mine, named after Lake Argyle where the first deposits were found, in the Kimberly region of the remote North of Western Australia.

The mine can be seen from satellite images of earth as an above ground open pit mining project of the Mining group Rio Tinto. Please refer to the attached map for the location. The Argyle mine was discovered in 1979, and after feasibility studies commenced operations in 1985.

Argyle Diamond products

It was once the international leader by mine output volume of all the diamond mines of the world, but not by value. More recently it has become famous for its coloured diamonds: particularly natural Pink, Blue, Champagne and Cognac diamonds. Producing the majority of the world’s rare pink and red diamonds. Pink diamonds have become some of rarest diamonds in the world, escalating their value and collectability. You can read more in the pink diamond section of our website.

Argyle mine goes underground

Very recently the underground project, to develop the mine and extend its life to 2019-2020, was announced by Rio Tinto diamonds. You can read more about the mine expansion on line.

Argyle diamond characteristics

The Australian diamond charactersistics are mostly, but not all, are typically fluorescent with characteristics such as (black pique, strong graining lines, twisted grain inside the stone which makes it harder to polish than other mine productions).

Opening a parcel of Australian diamond melee and a parcel of Canadian melee is an astonishing exercise. Even to a novice there is a very distinct difference, let alone to the members of our team who have been handling the Australian diamond product for 30 or more years, and the Canadian product for 20 years. The people from our office were the valuers of this product in its rough form, for RTD/Government Royalty negotiations.

They are very well versed in the characteristics of each diamond product from the Argyle mine and the Diavik mine. Our diamond staff are as near as you can get to experts in these two mine productions. Infact both were involved in valuing rough diamonds for the Government and RTD to assess value.

But that is not enough to say this production belongs here or there, we would never rely solely on this, this is just to illustrate the depth of the product experience on our team, and that there is a distinct visual difference.



ORIGIN AUSTRALIA is also pleased to present diamonds from the Ellendale mine, which is located in the remote reaches of the Kimberleys, NorthWest Australia.

The mine most famous stone is the Fancy Yellow Diamond, it infact makes a significant contribution to the world supply of yellow diamonds through Tiffanys and by tender.

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Ellendale Yellow diamond

Ellendale Yellow diamond

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ORIGIN AUSTRALIA is proud to bring the production of the Argyle and Ellendale mine for International consumption, and to preserve its origin. Please read more about the provenance of the diamonds in our section Ethical and traceable diamonds.

Inspira is proud to bring the polished outcome of the production of Argyle mine for International consumption, and to preserve its origin. Please read more about the provenance of the diamonds in our section Ethical and traceable diamonds.